Magna Wave for Horses

The History of Horse and Man

Horses have helped shape our history and have captivated our minds and hearts. There is not another animal that humans have depended on more. They have been with humans on the battlefields of war, the fields of farms and the woods and plains for hunting. Horses have inevitably become man’s dedicated constant companion throughout the ages.

While horses are known to be hard-working and powerful these animals are very fragile and are easily susceptible to disease. A simple injury can be fatal. Humans work them and push them to their very limits. Therefore, it is our responsibility to care for them and give these spirited, dedicated animals as much as they give to us. Many horse owners refer to their horses as their “child” and will protect and care for them as if they are. Horses love you like family so we should care for them like family.

Magna Wave for Horses

Why PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)?

Like any human, horses need to have constant care to stay healthy. Just like us, they need rest, vitamins, and exercise. PEMF can improve performance, relieve soreness and accelerate healing.

PEMF is drug-free, non-invasive, not painful, there is no need for sedation and healing time is cut in half! It also can treat areas, such as hoofs, that cannot be reached by other methods.

PEMF has been used to prep horses before a race or competition as well. The last 5 out of 7 Kentucky Derby winners have all been treated with Magna Wave PEMF therapy!

How Does Magna Wave PEMF Work?

By simply exposing the horse to pulsating magnetic fields PEMF stimulates cell metabolism, increases oxygen assimilation, and accelerates the removal of toxic chemicals and waste. PEMF can fully penetrate the horse’s body and reinforce weak functional cycles in a natural way. This allows the horse to recover its healing capabilities and as a result, health and wellness improve.

Some of the potential benefits of PEMF are:

Enhance the horse’s ability to heal itself at a cellular level
Improve performance, range of motion and strength
Reduce inflammation and relieves pain
Accelerate healing from injury and illness faster
Help manage chronic conditions like arthritis without the use of drugs
Used to prevent a variety of systemic diseases by stimulating cellular metabolism and improving immunity
Improve digestive issues like colic
Helps heal wounds from surgery or injury
Helps heal bone fractures
It is completely drug free and can be used for pain relief or performance enhancement

See What Awaits



Magna Wave has brought back my rodeo horse after 2 yrs of a mystery lameness, 4 vets and 2 long yrs of rest he was still dead lame on his left hind.

The vet cleared him for treatment with Magna Wave. He was still very sore on the right and wouldn’t allow you to touch him. When treatment was completed he would allow me to touch him on the hind.

I did this 5 days a week for 2 months then went to 3 days per week for a month. This horse was able to return to the racetrack 2 months ahead of schedule